New Scout FAQs


What makes scouting a good choice?

Scouts can experience things that they cannot find anywhere else. They build self reliance and confidence as they work through the ranks and learn new skills. There is a commitment to service projects and a drive to be a valuable part of the community. The boys learn to work to pay their own way by selling popcorn or washing cars, etc. to pay for pack meetings, or camping or outings and other cool stuff.


How old do you have to be?

Pack 306 is made up of boys in the first through fifth grades on the Tisdale side of Ramsey. Midway through fifth grade, Cubs “bridge” aka graduate to Boy Scouts.

How often will we meet?

During non-covid times, the whole pack meets once per month, and individual dens (grades) have additional meetings or trips once or twice per month. Think of a Cub Scout DEN as their grade. First grade is Tiger rank, 2nd grade is Wolf, 3rd is Bears, 4th is Webelos, 5th is AOL. Finally, in the winter or early spring of 5th grade they “bridge” to Boy Scouts.

Where will we meet?

Pack and Den meetings are usually held at Tisdale, Hubbard, Dater, or Smith School in various rooms and time slots that we have reserved with the Board of Ed. Once leaders are established, a rough schedule can be planned based on leader availability and the availability of reserved slots.

How much does it cost to join?

In addition to your book and uniform costs (prices vary – see rough estimates here), REGISTRATION FEES for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows:

Beginning November 16th through December 1st we will be renewing registrations for the 2021 year. If you are not returning please let us know, we get it. We recognize that offerings are not what they were last year but we believe we are getting things done and having scouts move forward. You will notice that both the National BSA and the Northern NJ sets the registration fee for scouts, not Pack 306. The fees were raised for insurance and for program needs in NNJ so they are not as reliant on donations from units to operate; we have no say in this. The fee per scout is $126.00 which solely goes to these two entities. In addition to this, Pack 306 is asking for a $24 Pack fee that covers advancement items, patches and the like. All other items will be a la carte at least through this year so you get what you pay for. Please write one check to NNJBSA for $126.00 and another check to Pack 306 for $24.00; please do not combine these payments. The Pack will cover the NNJBSA $76.00 Adult Leader Registration Fees for volunteers, in gratitude for their service.

All registration fees will be collected by Cub Master Stacey Butler between November 16th – December 1st. Please send to: Pack 306 c/o Stacey Butler, Contact for full address

What about uniforms?

First, Second, and Third Grades wear Blue uniform shirts, consider buying them a bit big so they can wear them for three years. They also wear rank specific caps, neckerchiefs and “slides” which are almost like napkin rings. We allow our PACK 306 Scouts to wear their own regular bottoms. Also not required, but consider buying a cub scout belt because their awards are metal belt loops that slide over a belt. You can buy it all at the Ramsey outdoor store. They are very helpful. Checkout our website for patch placement and solutions for getting the patches on, including “the patch lady.”

What responsibilities are involved with being a Cub Scout parent?

You are considered the child’s “adult partner” and you are an important part of their scouting experience. In sports, you watch your kids sporting events and prep them for games. In scouting, you watch your kids work and prep them for meetings. It is very similar. Every den parent will be asked to contribute to the den meetings in some way, perhaps by leading the requirement piece of a den meeting once per year. The Pack will ask you to volunteer in fundraisers and service projects.

Who is our den leader?

New, 1st grade Tigers will need a leader. We need volunteers. Just like there can be no team without coaches, there can be no den without leaders. Please consider being a Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader.

What responsibilities are involved with being a leader or assistant?

The leaders are the keeper of the leader binder, which we pass on to you. It includes den meeting plans that you can use or adjust to help the den have one or more meeting per month during the school year. Parents are encouraged to hold one meeting per year. The leaders and assistants track requirements and awards earned. One leader would represent you at our PACK committee meetings (held once or less per month). In addition, the BSA requires leaders to take the 30-45 min online Youth Protection Training, and renew it once every other year. It is intended to ensure the safety of our children.

Covid Considerations

The Boy Scouts of America and Pack 306 have policies and procedures in place that help protect participants from contracting an illness at scouting events. These include the Annual Health and Medical Record and a Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist. Each scout and leader must have parts A and B of the health record on file. Before attending a scout meeting or event, each attendee will complete a screening form and may have their temperature taken by the adult leader.

We will follow appropriate guidelines for everyone’s safety, but we will need your patience and partnership. Most meetings will take place outdoors for increased airflow and safety. Meetings and events will have limited attendees. Scouts shall be grouped into small dens within the same peer-age and will have a parent or guardian present at the event. Parents or guardians will assist Leader(s) in monitoring their scout’s safety and compliance with Covid guidelines.

With the closure of any one school, schools, or the whole Ramsey district, we may selectively suspend in-person activities on a den by den basis. In this event, meetings may be held remotely or activities might have to be completed with the family. In any event, for any in-person activities, please be sure to follow recommended guidelines like the ones below:

  • Stay home when you feel sick and avoid close contact with those who are sick.
  • Wear a protective mask.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Do not share personal items.
  • No car pooling.
  • Scouts and parents that are in Covid-19 isolation must remain in isolation as per the recommended CDC guidelines.
  • Families with members that have traveled to/from states on the NJ travel advisory list must quarantine for a period of 14 days as per NJ guidelines.
  • Any scout/parent/leader who presents symptoms of illness will not be permitted to attend, remain in, or participate in activities. This includes individuals with an exposed or isolated member(s) in their home.
  • Though they are quite young, Scouts must have the maturity to distance, wear a mask when prompted, and stay 6 feet apart from one another. The adult leader(s) will give a warning, and any further violations may result in the scouts dismissal from the activity.
  • Scouts/parents/leaders will present an updated medical form A and B to the Pack which will include any exposure to Covid-19 in the past month and may be required to update the health record during this period.
  • On any proposed overnight, the scout(s) will tent with a parent as usual. All food will be “bring your own.” Siblings may tent together and share any meals.
  • Scout/parent/leader will attest by screening form that they understand the risks associated with gatherings, and the need for PPE, that they are not currently ill or showing symptoms of Covid-19, and that they will NOT hold Pack 306, the NNJ Council or BSA liable for illness or exposure related to Pack/Den gatherings.